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Good morning!
My name is XXX, I’m XX years old, I came from XX province. And I major in XXX in XXX University. During my undergraduate education, I have studied many professional courses, such as XXX, XXX and XXX. I am interested in this field and dream to be one of the contributors. In order to absorb advanced knowledge of XXX, I determine to pursue my Master's program of XXX in XXX University.
No one would deny Germany is one of the dream places for engineers, it enjoys greatest reputation on the Machine and Electric Engineering throughout Europe and even the whole world. 
I do appreciate the educational system of XXX University. And there is an industrial internship provided by some XXX companies. Besides, the open academic atmosphere in XXX is exactly what I pursue. Finally, I am attracted by the great sense of responsibility to society of XXX.

1. 你知道那儿的生活水平吗?一个月大约会用到多少钱? 
I know, there about a month spend 600 to 700 euros.
2. 你准备了多少钱?钱的来源是? 
9, 000 euros a year. 
3. 什么时候去,去读什么,准备读几年? 
If everything goes well, I'm going to XXX University this year and will major in XXX, it is an English-teaching course, about 2 years.
4. 你在哪儿学的德语,从什么时候学的,学了多久? 
I have not started to learn German, because the course I will take is taught by English. But I'm going to learn some basic German in BEijing this summer, so it will be more convenient in my future study and life in Germany. 
5. 到了德国准备住哪儿? 
Live in the campus-off dormitory with other people.
6. 读完了有什么打算
After finishing graduate study, I would come back to China. Because my parents live here, and they have only one child, that is me. 
7. 如果问到是否打工神马的
I'm not going to work, because my main purpose is to study and not make money, and my parents have solved the economic problems for me, so it was unnecessary 
8. 谈谈你的项目本文由论文联盟http://wWw.LWlM.com收集整理
9. 谈谈你的毕设
10. 谈谈你的实习

1. This problem is involved in the course, I have not learned, but I'll try to do it. 
2. I have learned this, but it’s not the key contents in our course, so I’m not very clear. 
3. This we didn't learn, but we learned.


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